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Company: Titanium Intelligent Solutions
Industry: TechnologySoftware
Functional Use Case: Time Series, Internet of Things/ Sensor Data, Analytics, AI/ML

When it comes to serving the needs of the enterprise IoT industry, many suppliers focus on manufacturing single-purpose devices for specific use cases, such as within energy management or industrial automation. Titanium Intelligent Solutions was founded as a hardware-agnostic software company to harvest the value in aggregating data collected by diverse IoT devices for use in new ways, including applying artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize operations in real time.

For example, in an office building, the company can unify data collected from occupancy, air quality sensors and thermostats. At a golf course, Titanium’s platform can leverage data collected from disparate devices for pond water temperatures, oxygen levels, and water pipe flow rates.

A smarter, scalable, Cassandra-based platform

The company’s customized, unified platform enables industrial and institutional clients to better manage their facilities and equipment around the world. With its cloud-based service, Titanium aims to help clients efficiently collect and transform data from millions of sensors and other endpoint devices. The goal is to enable customers to gain insights based on combining different data types, and with a breadth and depth of information previously not readily accessible.

Titanium’s leadership team recognized from the outset that a SQL database would be inadequate for its needs. To avoid the messy interconnections between SQL database tables, foreign keys, and primary keys, and the resulting obstacles to scaling systems, the team opted to build its platform around an Apache Cassandra® database. Cassandra provided the scalability and speed Titanium needed to develop smarter software solutions for complex global enterprises.

Unleashing the power of real-time IoT data

As more of Titanium’s clients want to leverage AI, and specifically dynamic AI models instead of static ones, real-time data becomes crucial. With Cassandra, the company can rapidly compartmentalize, clean, and prepare the data for AI analytics, then run the AI models live.
“Cassandra is key to powering dynamic AI capabilities for making decisions based on model outputs, then getting this information back to the edge devices so action can be taken immediately,” says Ara Bederjikian, President, Titanium Intelligent Solutions.

Looking ahead

For more than two years, the Cassandra environment has grown with Titanium, supporting the company’s expanding services for monitoring, control, and analytics leveraging over 125,000 IoT devices. The solution captures high volumes of data related to more than 20 million square feet of indoor and outdoor spaces, with growth of 50% expected this year.

“By feeding real-time IoT data into streamlined dashboards for our clients, we empower them with more holistic visibility over their assets, unlocking greater operational maneuverability and smarter predictive analytics that help companies increase revenues and lower costs,” says Thomas Richards, Chief Strategy Officer, Titanium Intelligent Solutions.

Stack Includes: Apache Cassandra, AI/ML, Apache Spark, Datastax Astra

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