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Company: Instacart
Industry: eCommerce
Functional Use Case: Product Catalog, Data Store

Instacart is a large-scale online grocery delivery platform that deals with substantial amounts of data and requires a highly scalable and reliable infrastructure to support its operations. Apache Cassandra is a distributed NoSQL database known for its ability to handle large amounts of data, provide high availability, and scale horizontally across multiple commodity servers. Instacart leverages Cassandra in various ways:

Order Management: Instacart handles a significant volume of orders from various customers and needs to ensure real-time updates and availability of order information. Apache Cassandra’s distributed architecture helps with storing and managing order data, enabling fast retrieval and efficient updates.

User Profiles and Preferences: Instacart may use Apache Cassandra to store and manage user profiles, shopping preferences, and purchase history. With Cassandra’s ability to handle large amounts of data, Instacart provides personalized experiences and recommendations to its customers.

Analytics and Insights: Like many online platforms, Instacart collects and analyzes data for various purposes, such as understanding customer behavior, optimizing delivery routes, and improving operational efficiency. They use data from Apache Cassandra and other databases to handle high-speed data ingestion and real-time analytics to assist in generating actionable insights from their data.

Stack Includes: Apache Cassandra, Airflow, Apache Spark, Elasticsearch

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