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Version [1.1.0] – 2023-06-28

Vladimir Cvetkov on July 7, 2023


Sprint 15A - 6/28/2023 - 7/05/2023

  • Submitted for Review and awaiting for Feedback
    • T-Shirt Landing Page / CTA 
      • Waiting for text from Patrick
    • Use Case Short Description
    • Same Company, Different Use Cases
  • Use Cases Form Workflow Redesign
    •  Paused 
  • Events Page 
    • Mapping is live
    • Online event handling TBD
  • Use Case Hero text changed
    • Live
  • Design in progress 
    • Adding social link and author name to Use Case Detail page

Sprint 15B - 7/06/2023 - 7/12/2023

  • T-Shirt CTA
  • T-Shirt Landing Page / CTA – In QA
  • Finishing Touches, testing form, should be live this week
  • Multiple Use Cases
  • Mockup completed, waiting on feedback from Erick and the team
  • Short Description*
  • Unilateral changes to the use cases backend without consulting Erick and the team 
  • Especially before the changes have been made
  • Use Case Form (iFrame)
  • T-shirt form will replace the Use Case form

Sprint 16A - 7/13/2023 - 7/19/2023

  • This Week

    • T-Shirt CTA
        • Live on QA 
        • Final text changes
    • Short Description
        • Automation has been updated to pull the Short Description from Submissions to Cases
        • Short Descriptions need to be written and placed in the Submissions table for use cases that don’t already have them.
        • Cases in Submissions that have a new short description can be marked as “Revised” and the automation will pickup and publish that new short description.
    • Use Case Title
        • A new field for Use Case Title has been added to the form and to the Airtable
        • Automation has been updated to pull the title from Submissions to Cases
    • Design is complete and approved for Title on the Use Case Card and Use Case Page
    • Use Case Form (iFrame)
    • T-shirt form will replace the Use Case form

Sprint 16B - 7/20/2023 - 7/26/2023

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