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Instaclustr Offers the Debezium® Change Data Capture Connector for Managed Apache Cassandra®

Instaclustr is pleased to announce the Public Preview release of the Debezium® Connector for Managed Apache Cassandra® on the Instaclustr platform. 

Instaclustr’s managed Debezium connector for Apache Cassandra makes it easy to export a stream of data changes from Instaclustr managed Cassandra cluster through to an Instaclustr managed Apache Kafka cluster and then on to any nominated centralised data store, for analysis with data from other applications. Streaming your Cassandra data, via Kafka, to your centralised data store opens new insights for analysis as compared with analysing separate disparate systems.  For more information about Change Data Capture and using source connectors with the Debezium Connector for Cassandra read this blog.  

Cassandra stores significant amounts of data but does not have native sophisticated analytics, data will always need to be loaded elsewhere to analyse and interrogate. Change data capture monitors data movement in your database to extract data as it changes, continuously in smaller batches for near real-time business insights.  

Traditional ETL approaches are generally not feasible with Apache Cassandra when handling large volumes of batch data. Using Debezium change data capture evens out the demand on systems resources allowing changed data to be extracted from Cassandra from for downstream analysis without unreasonable overhead.  

Instaclustr’s managed Debezium connector for Cassandra offers the following features: 

  • Scalable for large volume data streaming smaller batches of near real-time data through your data pipeline. 
  • Pure Open Source under an Apache 2.0 licence. 
  • Free of cloud provider lock-in. 
  • Run in your cloud provider account or ours. 
  • Fully managed and hosted with 24×7 support across managed Apache Cassandra, managed Debezium and managed Apache Kafka. 
  • Additional metrics through console and Prometheus API available for monitoring 

Provisioning via our Instaclustr Console, API or Terraform provider (coming soon). 

Instaclustr customers can evaluate the benefits of CDC by trialling the public preview of Instaclustr’s managed Debezium Connector for Cassandra. Note that while the feature is in public preview it is not recommended for use with production workloads and is not covered by Instaclustr’s SLA. Please reach out to our Support team for any assistance with the public preview of Instaclustr’s managed Debezium Connector for Cassandra. 

Start CDC streaming your managed Cassandra data today by logging into the Instaclustr Console or API! 

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