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Enhanced Cluster Scaling for Apache Cassandra®

The Instaclustr Managed Platform now supports the zero-downtime scaling-up of local storage (also known as instance store or ephemeral storage) nodes running Apache Cassandra on AWS, Azure and GCP!

Enhanced Vertical Scaling 

NetApp has released an extension to the Cluster Scaling feature on the Instaclustr Managed Platform, which now supports scaling up the local storage of the Cassandra nodes. This enhancement builds upon the existing network block storage scaling option, offering greater flexibility and control over cluster configurations.

Customers can now easily scale up their Cassandra clusters on demand to respond to growing data needs. This development not only provides unparalleled flexibility and performance, but also distinguishes Instaclustr from competitors who lack support for local storage nodes. 

Local Storage 

Local storage refers to the physical storage directly attached to the node or instance. Unlike network-backed storage (such as EBS), local storage eliminates the need for data to travel over the network, leading to lower latency, higher throughput, and improved performance in data-intensive applications.

Moreover, the cost of the local storage is included in the instance pricing which can lead to local storage, when used in conjunction with Reserved Instance and similar concepts, being the optimal cost infrastructure choice for many use cases. 

Whether you need to store large volumes of data or run complex computational tasks, the ability to scale up local storage nodes gives you the flexibility to manage node sizes based on your requirements. Scaling local storage nodes with minimal disruption is complex. Instaclustr leverages advanced internal tools for on-demand vertical scaling. Our updated replace tool with “copy data” mode streamlines the process without compromising data integrity or cluster health. 

Additionally, this enhancement gives our customers the capability to switch between local storage (ephemeral) and network-based storage (persistent) while scaling up their clusters. Customer storage needs vary over time, ranging from the high I/O performance of local storage to the cost-effectiveness and durability of network-based storage. Instaclustr provides our customers with a variety of storage options to scale up their workloads based on performance and cost requirements.

Not sure where to start with your cluster scaling needs? Read about the best way to add capacity to your cluster here. 


With this enhancement to the cluster scaling feature, we are expanding Instaclustr’s self-service capabilities, empowering customers with greater control and flexibility over their infrastructure. Scaling up Cassandra clusters has become more intuitive and is just a few clicks away.

This move towards greater autonomy is supported by production SLAs, ensuring scaling operations are completed without data loss or downtime. Cassandra nodes can be scaled up using the cluster scaling functionality available through the Instaclustr console, API, or Terraform provider. Visit our documentation for guidance on seamlessly scaling your storage for the Cassandra cluster. 

While this enhancement allows the scaling up of local storage, downscaling operations are not yet supported via self-service. Should you need to scale down the storage capacity of your cluster, our dedicated Support team is ready to assist 

Scaling up improves performance and operational flexibility, but it will also result in increased costs, so it is important to consider the cost implications. You can review the pricing of the available nodes with the desired storage on the resize page of the console. Upon selection, a summary of current and new costs will be provided for easy comparison. 

Leverage the latest enhancements to our Cluster Scaling feature via the console, API or Terraform provider, and if you have any questions about this feature, please contact Instaclustr Support at any time. 

Unlock the flexibility and ease of scaling Cassandra clusters at the click of a button and sign in now! 

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