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celery.backends.cassandra — Celery 5.2.7 documentation


This resource is based on an article originally published here.

This document describes the current stable version of Celery (5.2). For development docs, go here.

Apache Cassandra result store backend using the DataStax driver.

class celery.backends.cassandra.CassandraBackend(servers=None, keyspace=None, table=None, entry_ttl=None, port=9042, **kwargs)[source]

Cassandra backend utilizing DataStax driver.


celery.exceptions.ImproperlyConfigured – if module cassandra-driver is not available, or if the cassandra_servers setting is not set.


Return the backend as an URI, sanitizing the password or not.

servers = None



List of Cassandra servers with format

supports_autoexpire = True

If true the backend must automatically expire results. The daily backend_cleanup periodic task won’t be triggered in this case.

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