About Use Case Interviews
5 Minute Use Case interviews have proven to be a valuable resource for both Cassandra users who are just getting started and for more advanced users, who are looking to strengthen their skills and fine tune their Cassandra deployment.

We welcome you to read through some of our use case interviews and  consider sharing your own!

The Benefits of Participating in a 5 Minute Use Case Interview
• Contributing back to the Apache Cassandra community; providing both new and experienced users alike with tips, tricks, lessons learned and information about your deployment
• Your company logo on PlanetCassandra.org: A badge of dedication to NoSQL, Cassandra and open source
• Maybe you’re hiring. Tell the Cassandra community about the cool stuff you’re doing with Cassandra and why they should join your team
• Cassandra laptop stickers!

How To Participate
Reach out to info@PlanetCassandra.org and  tell us that you’re interested in sharing your story. We’ll reach back out as soon as we can with more information about participating.