Cassandra Explorer is a Data explorer for Cassandra
Virgil is a services layer and GUI on top of Cassandra with the goal of making Hadoop on Cassandra accessible via REST
GUI tool to help users administer their Apache Cassandra cluster
Co-process for backup/recovery, token management, and centralized configuration management for C*
A tool to backup cassandra nodes using snapshots and incremental backups on S3.
DataStax OpsCenter gives administrators, architects and developers an at-a-glance view of the system from a centralized dashboard.


Apache Spark™ is a fast and general engine for large-scale data processing.


Mule Module support for Apache Cassandra.
Calliope is a library providing an interface to consume data from Cassandra to spark and store Resilient Distributed Datasets (RDD) from Spark to Cassandra.
Allows Spark applications to read/write data from/to Cassandra.
This library lets you expose Cassandra tables as Spark RDDs, write Spark RDDs to Cassandra tables, and execute arbitrary CQL queries in your Spark applications.


CCM (Cassandra Cluster Manager) is a great tool for you to quickly create and manage a cluster on your local machine.

Graph Databases

Titan is a distributed graph database optimized for storing and querying massive-scale graphs


This handler provides hive support for cassandra.


This module was created to assist with the installation and configuration of a Cassandra cluster


Talend provides integration solutions that truly scale for any type of integration challenge


Allows for the DataStax AMI to run from the command line while removing common user errors. End-to-end time to a cluster of any size is ~5 minutes. 22,000+ PyPI downloads.


A simple example of a Hadoop job that runs a mapreduce job to move data from HDFS into C*


CTOP is a tool which allows you to quickly find out what's happening on a machine running Cassandra.

RDF Store

CumulusRDF is an RDF store on a cloud-based architecture. CumulusRDF provides a REST-based API with CRUD operations to manage RDF data. The current version uses Apache Cassandra as storage backend.


Gazzang helps organizations protect sensitive information in Apache Cassandra


This is a Cassandra Tap that can be used as a sink and source.

Time Series Database

KairosDB is a fast distributed scalable time series database.
Blueflood is a multi-tenant distributed metric processing system created by engineers at Rackspace. It is used in production by the Cloud Monitoring team to process metrics generated by their monitoring systems. Blueflood is capable of ingesting, rolling up and serving metrics at a massive scale.