Download DataStax OpsCenter Visual Monitoring Tool for Apache Cassandra

DataStax OpsCenter is a web-based, visual management and monitoring solution for Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise. The stand-alone installer comes bundled with OpsCenter Server via multiple install alternatives including point-and-click GUI interface, text, command line and property file.

Download DataStax OpsCenter v5.1
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DataStax OpsCenter [Installation Guide] makes it easy to manage Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise clusters. It allows administrators, architects and developers to manage, monitor and control even the most complex database workloads with point-and-click ease from a centralized web browser.

DataStax OpsCenter At-a-Glance

DataStax OpsCenter supplies everything that is needed to manage and monitor DataStax Enterprise and Cassandra database clusters:

  • Visually create new clusters with three mouse clicks either on premise or in the cloud.
  • Add, edit, and remove nodes from a cluster.
  • Perform maintenance operations on single nodes or in bulk operations across many nodes at once.
  • View the operations of many clusters at once with a centralized dashboard.
  • Instantly ascertain the health and efficiency of any managed cluster.
  • Control automatic management services including transparent repair operations.
  • Monitor all operations across a cluster, in real-time and historically.
  • Perform capacity planning with historical trend analysis and forecasting capabilities.
  • Visually manage and schedule backup and restore operations.
  • Be notified of problems before they occur with proactive alerts.
  • Review and manage schema objects.
  • Generate reports and diagnostic reports with the push of a button.
  • Automatically rebalance cluster data.
  • Integrate with other enterprise tools via developer API.