Cassandra Education Resources

Whether you are new to Apache Cassandra or a seasoned professional, we offer educational resources that will enable you to gain a greater understanding of this highly scalable NoSQL database platform as well as realize the most value from Cassandra through more nuanced and technical aspects.

All of the resources provided here are free for the community and constantly updated in order to provide the best understanding of Apache Cassandra.


Try Cassandra

Want to ‘kick the tires’ on Apache Cassandra prior to deploying into Production? We offer you a fully functional, virtual environment to do just that. We also provide instructional information for both Developers and Administrators that will walk you through some of the most common activities you’ll need to get started with Cassandra.
Getting Started with Apache Cassandra

Along with information on ‘what is NoSQL’ and ‘what is Cassandra, you will find all of the resources you will need to start your deployment of Apache Cassandra. Documents include general reference guides for the latest version of Cassandra including information for Java, C# and Python drivers. A menu of video documentation is also available around the Cassandra data model and tips and tricks for using CQL, Cassandra’s proprietary query language. If needed, there is also a link to grab a VMWare image for running a virtual instance of Cassandra.running a virtual instance of Cassandra.
Cassandra Downloads

Download the latest version of DataStax Community Edition, which is a free packaged distribution of Apache Cassandra. This distribution of Cassandra includes the most up to date and stable release of Apache Cassandra as well as DataStax OpsCenter, installers for the Linux, Windows or Mac operating system and more. There are also links for all available client drivers and supporting tools which are also free to use.
Training Options

Receive world class training regardless of your skill level. Whether you’re a developer, system architect or administrator, DataStax offers training programs that will enable individuals or teams the ability to setup, deploy and administer Apache Cassandra. If you’re new to NoSQL environments or a seasoned Cassandra professional, there are education options ranging from online, virtual training to on location, multi-day and intensive courses.
Migrating to Apache Cassandra

Learn about the migration process if you’re interested in moving off of your current database and onto Apache Cassandra. Migration resources and industry use cases are available for migrating to Cassandra from Oracle, MongoDB, HBase, Redis, and MySQL.
Use the IRC Channel

Communicate with other Cassandra users through the chat including the DataStax development team. Feel free to take part in the channel with any of your questions.
Join a Mailing List

Join the Apache Cassandra mailing lists which are excellent resources for keeping up-to-date on user and developer related discussions, commit notifications, and updates on client libraries.
Frequently Asked Questions

Find questions and answers about NoSQL, Apache Cassandra, its architecture, its data model, and developing with Cassandra. The information provided is constantly updated to ensure that any questions that an individual or team may have whether introductory or highly technical, you can find the answer.