Apache Cassandra Hackathons
We recently organized the first ever NoSQL Apache Cassandra hackathon, hosted by DataStax and sponsored by Netflix, in the 2013 Fall semester at McGill University. The hackathon proved to be highly successful with 3 winning teams taking home a variety of  prizes and over 40 students walking away from the event with an understanding of NoSQL Apache Cassandra and how to implement this database into their functional applications.

With each passing year, we’re finding more companies are refining their recruiting efforts to focus on students who have skillsets extending beyond traditional MySQL/RDBMS systems and into NoSQL database space.  Universities are starting to offer courses in NoSQL, big data and the Internet of Things, while accompanying these courses with extracurricular activities such as hackathons and code days.

If you’re a student, professor, or university organization that is interested in hosting a sponsored NoSQL Apache Cassandra hackathon, we would love to assist with setup, training, prizes, sponsorship, student career opportunities and more.

How To Participate
Reach out to info@PlanetCassandra.org with the subject “Hackathon”; please include your full name, university, relationship to the university, and why you’re interested in hosting an Apache Cassandra hackathon.