Get Involved in the Apache Cassandra Community

Applications of NoSQL databases is a topic of growing interest – especially Apache Cassandra. No matter what your experience level is with Cassandra, we want you to get involved with the community and contribute. Whether you’re curious about NoSQL and have an interest in learning more or are a seasoned Apache Cassandra professional, Planet Cassandra has opportunities for your participation.

Present at a Cassandra Meet-up

Meet-ups are excellent ways for you to become involved with others who are interested in Apache Cassandra. As a networking opportunity, these are fantastic and if you are interested in delivering a presentation about your or your teams experiences deploying Cassandra, we want to help you.

Write an Article

We have writing opportunities ranging from contributing blog posts, syndication of blogs, to articles and detailed white papers. Depending on the topic to be discussed and the technical details, there are multiple options available.

Commit Code

Whether you want to submit bug reports or feature requests or even write a patch for Cassandra source code, we have processes in place to facilitate your participation with the community. Even if you’re not a programmer, we have options for you to contribute by including helping others on our mailing lists.

Utilize the IRC Channel

Communicate with other Cassandra users through the chat including the DataStax development team. Feel free to take part in the channel with any of your questions.

Join a Mailing List

Join the Apache Cassandra mailing lists which are excellent resources for keeping up-to-date on user and developer related discussions, commit notifications, and updates on client libraries.

Contribute at Stack Overflow

Take part in the question and answer section of Stack Overflow dedicated to Apache Cassandra topics. We offer a view of all topics tagged with #Cassandra and are ready for you to take part immediately.