Apache Cassandra Functional Use Cases

Companies running their applications on Apache Cassandra have realized benefits which have directly improved their business. Cassandra is capable of handling all of the big data challenges that might arise: massive scalability, an always on architecture, high performance, strong security, and ease of management, to name a few. Learn about how businesses have successfully deployed Apache Cassandra in their environments based on various types of applications and use cases.

Product Catalogs & Playlists

Stores a collection of user selected items like movies, songs, and other bought or subscribed items.
AdGear is an independent advertising platform running Cassandra as their datastore in four distinct data centers with different replication properties that must be constantly available.

Comcast chose Apache Cassandra in their transition from a relational database to NoSQL backend for the messaging infrastructure powering their customer media platform.

Go Daddy
GoDaddy uses Cassandra as their transaction logging data store on 32 nodes across two data centers thanks to the built-in replication features and scalability with an eye on deploying as a shared enterprise resource.

Hailo has leveraged Cassandra to build one of the most successful startups in European history. This presentation looks at how Hailo grew from a simple MySQL-backed infrastructure to a resilient Cassandra-backed system running in three data centers globally.

Hulu's mission is to help people find and enjoy the world's premium video content when, where and how they want it. With over 4 million paying Hulu Plus subscribers and approximately 30 million monthly unique viewers Hulu turned to Cassandra as a persistent data store where all writes are made.

InWorldz massive-scale 3D virtual world depends on Apache Cassandra for their inventory cluster due to guranteed availability and accessibility.

MetaBroadcast processes broadcast industry metadata at a rate of 500 content changes / second to several TB of data and migrated from MySQL to MongoDB and finally to Apache Cassandra in their datacenters.

Netflix moved from Oracle to Cassandra to store 95% of their data because it provides no single points of failure and offers superior scalability and availability of one of the largest cloud platforms in the world.

Sky broadcasting made the switch from Oracle to Cassandra in order to resolve customer shopping cart experience issues related due to performance and scalability. The decision to move to Cassandra was an easy one.

Software Projects
Software Projects Internet marketing and web development platform relies on Apache Cassandra as their primary datastore running on 200 nodes in two geographic regions and driving over $1 billion in e-commerce transactions.

Spotify’s streaming music web service had to move off of PostgreSQL to Apache Cassandra in their data centers to handle the more than 50TB of compressed data based on superior scalability and availability.

Recommendation / Personalization

Stores trend information for fast retrieval.
Ampush, an ad technology and Facebook strategic Preferred Marketing Developer, migrated off MySQL and onto Apache Cassandra for high availability, performance at scale, lower operational overhead.

Bazaarvoice, a SaaS company enabling customer-powered marketing, deployed Apache Cassandra over MySQL, MongoDB and HBase based on multi-data center support, the masterless architecture, ease of administration.

Cloze offers a ‘noice-cancelling’ inbox to hundreds of thousands of users and relies on Cassandra as an always available, secure, high volume data store.

Datafiniti’s search engine for data depends on Apache Cassanda with Solr integration for manageability, rapid data growth and high peformance.

Eassou chose Cassandra as their primary NoSQL solution over MongoDB and HBase for their mobile device search technology and applications running on clusters between 72 and 200 nodes due to availability, scalability and performance needs.

Ebay relies on the Cassandra big data platform in mulitple data centers to provide social media product recommendations that greatly improve the buying experience for its millions of customers.

Eventbrite’s customer experience features are driven by Cassandra over MySQL thanks to the high read/write capacity, high availability and multi-datacenter support as well as ease of deployment.

Infor, the third largest ERP software company's PeopleAnswers, is a science-based talent management platform that improves the hiring processes. PeopleAnswers is backed by Apache Cassandra to recommend the right candidates, and meet the always on demand of a global company.

nToklo offers personalized recommendation engine technology and deploys Cassandra (and Hadoop) on their clusters for fast read/write performance and scalability.

Outbrain helps people discover the most interesting, relevant and trusted content out there. In use in companies like CNN, Fox News, and other premium publishers Outbrain pushes out 90 billion recommendations on over 10 billion page views per month with a reach of 86% of the online US population.

Quandl’s search engine for numerical data runs on Apache Cassandra over MongoDB, HBase and Riak due to availability, scalability, write and read performance, failover tolerance, and the community.

RelateIQ is relationship management software, using Cassandra to give real-time, algorithm-based recommendations for the next professional relationship to contact and build.

Wize Commerce
Wize Commerce deployed Cassandra on as many as 250 nodes across multiple data centers after an exhaustive evaluation process thanks to the ability to handle massive data loads, superior read/write performance at scale and high availability.

Fraud Detection

Stores data patterns and matches them to user-defined queries.
Barracuda Networks
Barracuda Networks, a leader in security, application delivery and data protection, were not able to adequately monitor customer threats in real-time with MySQL and moved to Cassandra for the scalability and availability benefits.

Cake uses Cassandra for advanced cloud-based fraud detection including credit card and other financial transactions.

eBay also uses Apache Cassandra through DataStax Enterprise for many time-series use cases in which processing high-volume, real-time data is a foremost priority. These include mobile notification logging and tracking (every time eBay sends a notification to a mobile phone or device it is logged in Cassandra) and fraud detection.

Finn.no’s classifieds website uses Cassandra for projects ranging from fraud detection to dimensional analysis and messaging and also runs clusters running both Cassandra and Hadoop.

Internet Identity
Internet Identity makes the Internet safe through collaboration, sharing, and new solutions based on better intelligence. IID leverages Cassandra for their IP monitoring service.

Iovation chose to replace Oracle with Cassandra for a more predictable cost growth of their database environment as well as better scalability.


Stores messages that can be both short and long lived (inbox).
Accenture relies on Apache Cassandra to enable their customers to ingest large volumes of data at high speed across multiple datacenters.

Cloudian’s storage platform runs on Cassandra for absolute reliability, support for replication between multiple data centers, no single point of failure, and performance.

Cloze offers a ‘noice-cancelling’ inbox to hundreds of thousands of users and relies on Cassandra as an always available, secure, high volume data store.

Comcast chose Apache Cassandra in their transition from a relational database to NoSQL backend for the messaging infrastructure powering their customer media platform.

Elastic Inbox
ElasticInbox offers a open-source, scalable email store and relies on Cassandra’s reliability and linear scalability for storing all message metadata.

Kwarter provides the first mobile gamification platform for live TV. Their API uses Apache Cassandra to provide real-time messaging to create engaging, timely content.

Surespot is an encrypted messaging mobile app that migrated form Redis to Apache Cassandra to store user data including messages and public keys.

The New York Times
The New York Times is the premier news organization, with a worldwide presence. Their latest chat system is using Apache Cassandra as a cache layer to support their systems and services, client and partner devices, and breaking news alerts.

Internet of Things / Sensor Data

Stores readings from devices that are transmitted on a regular basis.
Aeris’ systems collect massive amounts of data via machine sensors and adopted Cassandra for its horizontal scalability and no single point of failure architecture.

i2O Water
i2O migrated from SQL Server to Cassandra for the sake of their water management systems based on a need for a more flexible architecture and storage of time series data.

MyDrive Solutions
MyDrive moved from MongoDB to Cassandra for managing time series data as well as greater dependeability and the ability to scale horizontally.

The US National Renewable Energy Lab chose Apache Cassandra to handle data collection from over 80,000 environmental sensors due to scalability and operational integrity.

OnSIP's move to Cassandra from MySQL to power the data centers behind their business phone and communication suite of products is based on performance, price and horizontal scalability.