Washington, DC: BigConf | Matt Kennedy on Apache Cassandra
Date(s) - March 28, 2014
Time -
8:30 am - 6:00 pm

BigConf is about searching, visualizing, managing, or analyzing data. It it has to do with data, is novel, interesting, and effective, then we’ll have it at BigConf!

Apache Cassandra is singular in its ability to provide a single logical database dispersed over multi-region datacenters. Cassandra databases can lose entire datacenters due to network outages or natural disasters and the database will remain available for application users. This talk will discuss how Cassandra is able to achieve this feat, and dive deep into the programming realities of distributed systems and consistency models. It turns out that the consistency model is the critical feature of successful distributed systems. When an application and a database can have an honest conversation about the consistency needs of each, a powerful system is born. This honesty is at the core of Cassandra’s dominant position in the world of distributed databases.

Matt Kennedy is an architect at DataStax. Matt has been a Cassandra user and occasional contributor since version 0.7 and is a co-organizer of the Cassandra meetup in the Washinton DC area. At the European Cassandra Summit in October of 2013, he was recognized by DataStax as a Cassandra MVP. Matt has been working with distributed systems his entire career and kinda wishes he was one. Because while Cassandra is partition tolerant, Matt is not.

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