Streaming Big Data Analytics with Team Apache: Spark & Spark Streaming, Apache Kafka, Apache Cassandra
Date(s) - January 13, 2015
Time -
9:00 am - 10:00 am

Date: January 13th, 2015
Time: 9am PT / 12pm ET / 17:00 GMT
Duration: One hour
Experience Needed to Understand Talk: Developer familiar with Cassandra
Details: Join Helena Edelson, Senior Software Engineer at DataStax as she introduces Apache Spark and Cassandra, discusses common use cases an​​d explains why they are such a great fit for the Lambda Architecture. She’ll also dive into how to easily integrate Spark, Spark Streaming, Kafka and Cassandra in a Scala and Akka application for real-time delivery of meaning at high velocity, in highly distributed and concurrent environments.

Speaker: Helena Edelson (@helenaedelson), Senior Software Engineer, DataStax

Helena is a committer on several open source projects including Akka, the Spark Cassandra Connector and previously Spring Integration and Spring AMQP. She has been working with Scala since 2010 and is currently a Senior Software Engineer on the DSE Analytics team at DataStax, working with Apache Spark, Cassandra, Kafka, Scala and Akka. Most recently she has been a speaker at Big Data and Scala conferences.