Silicon Valley: Cassandra Cloud: How We Hit 1M Requests/Second on Google Cloud Platform
Date(s) - June 6, 2014
Time -
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Driving Cassandra Cloud Performance – How we hit 1 million requests a second on Google Cloud Platform.  

At Google, we’re used to dealing with massive scale.  The Google Cloud Platform is no different.  We’re exposing the tools that allow us to routinely process billions of queries and 100,000+ hours of video a day.  Google Compute Engine allows you to run awesome databases like Cassandra at massive scale.  To prove that, we set up a test to drive 1 Million requests a second to a Cassandra Cluster on Compute Engine.   Along the way, we had to tune the installation to take advantage of our Cloud technologies.  The final setup takes advantage of the flexibility of cloud computing while delivering performance you expect.  In this presentation, we’ll show how you can tune Cassandra on Google Compute Engine to deliver high performance that scales.”

About Brian Lynch

Brian Lynch is a Solutions Architect for Google Cloud Platform. Over the last year, he’s been working with a range of customers to drive scale and performance on the cloud. More recently, Brian has been involved in a large Cassandra migration (150+ nodes) and simplifying the deployment of Cassandra on Google Cloud Platform.

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