Paris, FR: dotScale DataStax Cassandra Data Modeling Workshop
Date(s) - May 17, 2014
Time -
2:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Location: Web School Factory

Hours: 2pm-6pm

Host: Johnny Miller, Lead Solution Architect at DataStax

Data Modeling in the New World

In this half-day session, you’ll learn about Data Modeling in the New World with Apache Cassandra(™). Johnny will give you a quick overview of the Cassandra architecture for new-comers, but will swiftly move into the depths of data modeling with Cassandra, CQL, data modeling framework and case studies. There will be the chance to try the data Modeling exercises yourself.


  • Introductions (Incl. Apache Cassandra)
  • Apache Cassandra Data Model and CQL – Column Families, CQL Tables, Data Nesting with CQL Collections, CQL Querying Capabilities.
    Exercise: Storing and Querying Data in CQL Tables Using cqlsh and DevCenter
  • Data Modeling Framework – Conceptual Data Modeling with Entity Relationship Diagrams, Logical Data Modeling with Column Family Diagrams, Physical Data Modeling – Selected Schema Design Optimizations.
    Exercise: Designing a Cassandra Database.
  • Case Study of Time Series and Time-Ordered Data – Stock Prices, Sensor Data.
    Exercise: User Activity Log.