New York, NY: Apache Cassandra Data Modeling Overview
Date(s) - June 18, 2014
Time -
1:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Apache Cassandra is the most performant and scalable NoSQL/”Big Data” database around. Companies using Cassandra include Netflix, eBay, Adobe, Barracuda Networks, Best Buy, Instagram, Cisco, Eventbrite, GitHub, GoDaddy, Hulu, Spotify, Intuit, and thousands more.


The goal of this half-day seminar is to introduce you to Apache Cassandra and the basics of data modeling. Patrick McFadin, the master of Cassandra data modeling and Chief Cassandra Evangelist at DataStax, will be leading the session. It will start from the basics and help you get a solid foundation in building your first application on Cassandra, all while learning from someone who has been there (Patrick has been a user since 0.6).


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