London, UK: Stubbed Cassandra and 6 Lightning Talks!
Date(s) - August 20, 2014
Time -
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

This time we are planning something a little bit different. Instead of having 2 x 40 mins speakers we will have 1 x 40 mins speaker and 6 x 5 mins lightning talks! This way we get to hear various use cases and it gives everyone a chance to share a bit of their experience. Please let us know what you thought of this format! Thanks!



19:00 – Reception (with drinks and snacks)
19:30 – Welcome


19:35 –  Phil Meredith
19:40 – Paul Brown
19:45 – Chris
19:50 – Ashic Mahtab
19:55 – Oleksii Mandrychenko
20:00 – Alok Dwivedi


20:05 – Christopher Batey
20:45 – Q&A
21:00 –  Networking




Phil Meredith:
“Cassandra, Time series data and the power of the Merkle tree”


Joined Credit Suisse as a software engineer two years ago after graduating from computer science. Have developed an interest in big data problems and have been working on the banks leading big data team for just over 6 months.


Paul Brown:
“The view from the bottom of the cliff!”


I am currently a development manager building retail POS and booking software for Neill technologies. I’ve been working with databases since Oracle v6, and since then, have done training, consultancy, development, analysis and most things in between. I’m currently 3 months into my NOSQL adventure.


“Working on innovation”


Chris is running data lab for Banks Innovation Programmes. Coming from a securities and trading background. Chris provides business insight in IT strategies.

Ashic Mahtab:
“Cassandra – awesome for non-petabyte scale (too)”


Oleksii Mandrychenko:
“Using Cassandra to create write-heavy real-time security application”


I am a senior software engineer at ZoneFox.  I have been involved in IT for the last 10 years, where I was doing coding, hacking, configuring, deploying, and testing. My area of expertise is real-time forensic and behavioural analysis. I am responsible for architecting scalable, high performance, analytical system to detect insider thread attacks. I hold MSc in computer science and currently writing up a PhD thesis on a stack of computer science and health.

Alok Dwivedi:  


“Quickly enumerating sub sets of very large C* tables using composite partition keys”


I am a Senior developer working for Symantec, with over 14 years of Software development and design experience mainly in RDBMS and various server side technologies using Java/C++/C#. Since last one year I have been working on NoSQL and Big Data technologies mainly Cassandra.


Christopher Batey:
“Cassandra is great but how do I test my application?”


Cassandra is a fantastic distributed database, however it pushes a lot of complexity back to the application developer. In this talk Christopher will talk about how to test your applications that use Cassandra. Starting at the unit test level through to the black box acceptance tests. Most of the talk will be around a new framework, Stubbed Cassandra (, that has been developed that stubs Cassandra so that all failure scenarios can be deterministically reproduced without having to create a multi node cluster.


Christopher is a Senior Software Engineer at BSkyB where he is responsible for building components for Sky’s next generation OTT platform. Prior to Sky, Christopher worked in the financial services industry working on various trading platforms. Prior to that Christopher worked at IBM developing messaging and ESB software.