Live Webinar: Cassandra – Beyond Read-Modify-Write
Date(s) - February 13, 2014
Time -
9:00 am - 10:00 am

Webinar Abstract
As we move into the world of Big Data and the Internet of Things, the systems architectures and data models we’ve relied on for decades are becoming a hindrance. At the core of the problem is the read-modify-write cycle. In this session, Al will talk about how to build systems that don’t rely on RMW, with a focus on Cassandra. Finally, for those times when RMW is unavoidable, he will cover how and when to use Cassandra’s lightweight transactions and collections.

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About Al Tobey
Al is a father, technologist, musician, and open source advocate working for DataStax. While attending Central Michigan University as a music major, Al got into MUDs, C, and Linux, eventually ending up with a career as a sysadmin. Over the last 15 years, Al has worked on everything from kernel changes to modern web applications, mostly from inside operations teams. These days he goes by the title Open Source Mechanic, which means he tries to do interesting things with Cassandra and other open source software.