Hyderabad, India: Apache Cassandra Core Concepts, Skills and Tools
Date(s) - August 29, 2014 - August 31, 2014
Time -
All Day
Description: This course teaches the fundamentals of Cassandra 2.0 architecture, installation, configuration, CQL, administration, and tooling. It grounds you in Cassandra and serves as the foundation for other advanced DataStax training courses.
Length: 3 days
Prerequisites: Prior software administration or development experience
Audience: Administrators and developers seeking to use Apache Cassandra 2.0.
Environment: Virtual Machine pre-configured with Apache Cassandra 2.0, related tools, and exercise files. 

Instructions: Participants need to carry laptops with dual quad core 64 bit processor, 8GB RAM and preferably with 64 bit OS. If using a 32bit OS on a 64 bit processor, processor must support Virtualization and it needs to be enabled in BIOS. Ensure you have the Admin rights for that.

Laptops need to be able to copy files from a DVD drive or USB flash drive.

For Windows & Linux: VMWare Player is required. If not already installed, setup files will be provided.

For Mac: VMWare Fusion to be purchased and installed by the participants.

No other virtualization software is supported.

IMPORTANT: DataStax provides specially devised and copyright protected material to the participants. It is expected of the participants to use it for their personal study only and desist from sharing this in any form.


Faculty: Aravind Nallan, 

DataStax authorized global Cassandra Trainer