How an Internet-of-Things Solution Helps Save the Planet and Millions of Dollars
Date(s) - June 10, 2014
Time -
9:00 am - 10:00 am

The explosive growth in the Internet-of-Things (IoT) era enables some of the world’s biggest firms to conserve energy and other resources, which helps to save the planet and millions of dollars. Using IoT well leads to innovative business models, new revenue opportunities and enhanced customer experiences. The sky is the limit, but getting there with legacy relational infrastructure is no easy task.

Learn how RiptideIO’s Brightworks platform, powered by Apache Cassandra™, brings the advantages of a modern software architecture to the connected world and makes the Internet-of-Things a reality at some of the world’s top firms.


We Will Discuss:

How relational databases simply don’t work for IoT
RiptideIO enables IoT, helping to save energy and millions of dollars
Cassandra enables the connected enterprise by delivering an always-on, dynamic experience for IoT


Speaker: Michael Franco, Co-founder and CEO at RiptideIO

Mike guides RiptideIO through the operational, strategic and day-to-day growing pains associated with an innovative, early phase start up. He has 25 years of experience managing software and real estate development projects in a variety of roles. Under his leadership, RiptideIO has grown from a visionary concept to having nearly 5,000 buildings integrated into the company’s products in less than a year and half. This is his fourth technology start-up.