Edison, NJ: Apache Cassandra Building Scalable Java Applications
Date(s) - September 22, 2014 - September 24, 2014
Time -
All Day

Apache Cassandra: Building Scalable Java Applications

Description: This course provides a technical introduction to all the conceptual and practical areas needed to use Apache Cassandra for building scalable Java applications.
Length: 3 days
Prerequisites: Students should have experience programming in Java and be comfortable using Linux command line tools to successfully complete the learning exercises..
Audience: Software developers who want to build Java applications that persist and query data in Cassandra.
Environment: Virtual Machine pre-configured with Cassandra, related tooling, and exercise files.

Learning Objectives

Introduction to Cassandra

  • Overview
  • Acquiring and Installing Cassandra
  • Configuring and Installation Structure

Overview of Architecture and Data Model

  • Basic Cassandra Architecture
  • The Cassandra Data Model

Data Modeling

  • Compound Primary Keys
  • Other Capabilities
  • Composite Partition Keys
  • Indexes and Secondary Indexes
  • Guidelines and Querying
  • Understand and use Counters
  • Understand and use collections

Data Consistency

  • Data Consistency in Cassandra
  • Compare and Set (CAS) / Lightweight Transactions
  • Static Columns
  • Repair Mechanisms

How Things Work

  • Write Failures
  • Key and Row Caches
  • Multi-Data Center Support
  • Deletes

The DataStax Java Driver

  • Introduction
  • API Introduction
  • Querying
  • QueryBuilder and Dynamic Queries
  • Asynchronous Querying
  • Driver Policies

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