Edinburgh, UK: Cassandra in Practice
Date(s) - June 19, 2014
Time -
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

We are going to meet up at one of the Codebase offices at 5.30pm to have beer and enjoy a presentation “Lessons learned at ZoneFox or how we write 300 million events a day to Cassandra, allow real-time queries and perform map reduce jobs” by Adam Masters and Darren Hart, ZoneFox Drinks are kindly sponsored by DataStax. Office space provided by Codebase and ZoneFox. No membership is required, but please indicate your intent to select appropriate venue and prepare beverages.

Venue: Room TBC, Level M Codebase, Argyle House, Edinburgh, EH3 9DR, Edinburgh. Keen to become a speaker? Just give me a shout and I will arrange next one for September.