DataStax Ruby Driver Explained
Date(s) - May 5, 2015
Time -
9:00 am - 10:00 am

Title: DataStax Ruby Driver Explained
Date: May 5, 2015
Time: 9am PT / 12pm ET / 16:00 GMT / 17:00 BST
Duration: One hour

Details: Apache Cassandra is the leading distributed database platform purpose built for the demands of today’s modern Web, Mobile, and IOT applications. To support this growing demand, DataStax makes it a priority to deliver drivers to support today’s most common and cutting edge languages. Join Bulat Shakirzyanov, Software Engineer at DataStax, as he dives into the inner-workings of the DataStax Ruby Driver for Apache Cassandra. He will:
• Provide a brief overview of Apache Cassandra’s architecture and various terminology
• Walk through the basics for installing and using the DataStax Ruby Driver
• Drill into exactly why the Ruby Driver is fully asynchronous, both from the IO implementation as well as the Cassandra native protocol design
• Look at how the driver uses load balancing policies as well as use cases for various built-in load balancing policies, such as token aware and data center aware round-robin
• Discuss in detail the driver’s error handling and fault tolerance and discuss various expected failure modes and how to handle them
• Explain the importance of address resolution policies and take a look at those that ship with the driver

Speaker: Bulat Shakirzyanov, Software Engineer at DataStax