Community Webinar: Understanding How CQL3 Maps to Cassandra’s Internal Data Structure
Date(s) - November 14, 2013
Time -
6:07 am

Date: Thursday, November 14th

Time: 9am PST / 12pm EST / 17:00 GMT

Duration: One hour

Speaker: John Berryman, Search/Big Data Architect at Opensource Connections

Coming from a background of Aerospace Engineering, John soon discovered that his true interest lay at the intersections of technology and entrepreneurship and math. In early 2011, John stepped away from his day job to take up software consulting. Finally John found permanent employment at Opensource Connections where he currently consults large enterprises about full-text search and Big Data applications. Highlights to this point have included prototyping the future of search with the US Patent and Trademark Office, implementing the search syntax used by patent examiners, and integrating semantic search into Solr search engine.