Community Webinar: Jumpstart with CQL3
Date(s) - January 23, 2014
Time -
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

The Cassandra Query Language (CQL3) is the newly ordained, canonical, and best-practices means of interacting with Cassandra. Why? Because it makes data modeling a snap and provides a much cleaner, easier interface to Cassandra than the prior Thrift interface. In this fast paced webcast we will cover the ins and outs of CQL. Attendees will leave with knowledge of basic CQL3 CRUD interactions including using CQL collections. After discussing the things that CQL/Cassandra is good at and the things it is not so good at, we’ll use this knowledge to outline basic CQL data modeling principles. Finally, if time allows we will review some of the neat things new and on the horizon for CQL3.