Community Webinar: Cassandra Architecture, Development & Operations – Your Questions Answered Live
Date(s) - December 19, 2013
Time -
6:05 am

Tis’ the season to get all of your urgent and demanding Cassandra questions answered live! Get ready for yet another very special edition of the Cassandra Community Webinar – Q&A style. Please join us as we close out 2013 with an entire hour devoted to answering as many Cassandra questions as possible. Our panel of experts have a vast knowledge of Cassandra and will be answering questions ranging from a variety of personas; developer, architecture and operations.

This webinar is specifically to help you understand and work with Cassandra, so please feel free to submit any and all questions ahead of time by clicking on the button below. In fact, if your question is so clever that our panel of experts can’t answer it we will reward you with a C* gift package!