Chicago. IL: Cassandra at BrightTag w/Matt K. & Is It Hot or Not: the Linux Page Cache w/ Al
Date(s) - May 22, 2014
Time -
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

For this meetup, we are excited to be joined by two great speakers. Matt Kemp, Engineer and Team Lead at BrightTag and Al Tobery, Open Source Mechanic at Datastax. Matt who will go over how BrightTag uses a multi-region Cassandra deployment to take care of the heavy lifting, which enables them to stay focused on continuing to build a great product.

Al will talk about what the Linux page cache is and why it matters for database performance. He will then introduce a tool, pcstat, designed for observing page cache usage on Linux, so now you can verify what is hot (in cache) and what is not.

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