Apache Cassandra at Lithium
Date(s) - April 3, 2014
Time -
9:00 am - 10:00 am

Need to switch from MySQL to Cassandra? Learn how social software firm Lithium managed the migration from a legacy MySQL system to Cassandra with zero customer downtime or data integrity loss. In this webinar, Senior Software Engineer Paul Cichonski will tell you all about how Lithium uses Cassandra. He’ll describe the data model and how it evolved over time, plus he’ll coach you about how to test Cassandra in QA and catch any issues before moving into production.

Join us to learn:
How Lithium uses Cassandra
Why Lithium still requires Thrift for some wide-row centric use cases
What failures to expect in production and what to monitor

Speaker: Paul Cichonski, Senior Software Engineer at Lithium Technologies

Paul Cichonski is a Senior Software Engineer working at Lithium Technologies in San Francisco. Paul is leading the rollout of a Cassandra-backed service to provide notifications and news feed functionality within the Lithium product. Lately Paul has been spending most of his time thinking about distributed systems and functional programming languages. Before Lithium, Paul worked at the National Institute of Standards and Technology building ontologies to foster IT security data interoperability.

Register: http://learn.datastax.com/WebinarCassandraatLithium.html