Drivers marked with a (*) have not been updated since before the release of Cassandra 2.0, and therefore may not utilize the newer features in Cassandra.



A C# client driver for Apache Cassandra. This driver works exclusively with CQL3 and CBP
A Java client driver for Apache Cassandra. This driver works exclusively with CQL3
DataStax C++ Client Driver for Apache Cassandra
DataStax Python Driver for Apache Cassandra


Cassandra-sharp is a .NET client for Apache Cassandra.
A .NET friendly interface to Cassandra operations
FluentCassandra is a .NET library for accessing Apache Cassandra
Cassandraemon is LINQ Provider for Apache Cassandra


C++ wrapper library for the Apache Cassandra distributed database system.


A simple Clojure client for Cassandra that wraps Hector.
Clojure CQL client for Apache Cassandra 1.2+
Cassandra CQL3 client for Clojure wrapping Datastax/Java-Driver.
CQL3 DSL for Clojure


Gossie is a Go library for Apache Cassandra.
Package gocql implements a fast and robust Cassandra client for the Go programming language.
cqlc generates Go code from your Cassandra schema so that you can write type safe CQL statements in Go with a natural query syntax.


The intent is to develop a high quality, high level driver similar to Pycassa.


A Partial Schema or Partially Structured data ORM, meaning not all of your schema has to be defined.
The idea behind Kundera is to make working with NoSQL Databases drop-dead simple and fun.
The EasyCassandra uses the Thrift implementation and has like the main objective be one simple ORM.
High level Java client for Apache Cassandra.
Pelops has been created to make working with Cassandra a beautiful thing.
Feedly Cassandra is an unimaginatively named object mapping library for Cassandra.
Demoiselle Framework component adapted to the persistence implementation in Apache Cassandra
High level, simple object oriented interface to Cassandra
Integrates Storm and Cassandra


NodeJS Bindings for Cassandra
Node-cassandra-client is a Node.js CQL driver for Apache Cassandra 0.8 and later
A pure javascript high level Node.js driver for CQL3


Simba's Apache Cassandra ODBC Driver with SQL Connector.


Easy to use, Perl oriented client interface to Apache Cassandra.
Perlcassa is a native Perl client for interfacing with Apache Cassandra.


SimpleCassie is entirely stand-alone package which wrap itself around Thrift libs
Pandra is a light-weight PHP based CRUD layer for the Cassandra distributed datastore
PHPcassa is a PHP client library for Apache Cassandra
Cassandra PHP Client Library allows for managing and querying your Cassandra cluster
A CQL (Cassandra Query Language) driver for PHP using PDO.
A simple interface, a wrapper, for working with CQL from PHP without Thrift.
PDO driver for Cassandra CQL


A DB-API 2.0 compliant client library for Cassandra/CQL
Pycassa is a python client library for Apache Cassandra
Telephus is a connection pooled, low-level client API for Cassandra in Twisted python.


Interface for the most basic functionality of Cassandra: login, updates, & queries


Developed By Twitter; a Ruby client for the Cassandra distributed database.
A DBI-compatible Cassandra/CQL Driver for Ruby.
Basic Model-Wrapper for CQL(Cassandra Query Language) Operations
Ruby CQL3 Driver
A Cassandra CQL 3 Object Mapper for Python


Cascal is a simple Cassandra library built on the Scala language.
Asynchronous Scala DSL for Apache Cassandra

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