Download Apache Cassandra™

Official Apache Cassandra

To get started with your download, select an official version of Apache Cassandra from the table below.

All Linux distributions and Mac OS X 10.x
apache-cassandra-3.9-bin.tar.gz [PGP] [MD5] [SHA1]
Latest Ubuntu LTS or Debian Stable

Vendor-provided Cassandra Distributions

DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra

DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra™ (DDC) is a free packaged distribution of Apache Cassandra made available by DataStax. Besides Apache Cassandra itself, it includes the DataStax DevCenter tool, a Window’s installer, and DataStax’s professional documentation.
To get started with your download, select a DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra installer from the table below.


All Linux distributions and Mac OS X 10.x
Windows Server 2008/2012 or
Windows 7/8 (64-Bit)
MSI InstallerMSI InstallerMSI Installer
Red Hat Enterprise Linux / CentOS 6.5 or later
See "Instructions"See "Instructions"RPM Using Yum
Latest Ubuntu LTS or Debian Stable
See "Instructions"See "Instructions"DEB Using Apt-Get
Archived versions of DDC are also available.

DataStax Enterprise

DataStax Enterprise (DSE) is DataStax’s distribution of Apache Cassandra certified for production use and includes integrated analytics, search, in-memory capabilities, and advanced security.

DataStax Enterprise is free to use in development environments, production use requires requires a license or enrollment in the start-up program.

Learn about DSE on the DataStax website.


Stratio Platform

Stratio Platform integrates Apache Cassandra with Spark analytics and Lucene indexes.  Stratio offers click-to-deploy components and click-to-configure powerful data processing pipelines, managing data flow end-to-end from ingest to intelligence.

Download Stratio Platform


Next Steps

Connect a Client Driver

Building a cloud application is easy with drivers that are as robust as Cassandra itself.  You can find drivers and tutorials here.


Take Your Understanding up a Level

Learn how to run and use Cassandra like an expert with free online training. See the options on this page.