DataStax Community 2.0.9 (Stable & Recommended)


Download DataStax Community Edition (Apache Cassandra 2.0.9)

Cassandra is completely free to download, use and share.

DataStax Community Edition is a free packaged distribution of Apache Cassandra™ made available by DataStax. There’s no faster, easier way to get started with Cassandra than to download, install, and use DataStax Community Edition.

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DataStax Community 2.0.9 Consists of Several Components

1. The Most Stable and Recommended Version of Apache Cassandra (2.0.9)
2. DataStax OpsCenter (Included in Windows 7 & Windows Server 2008 Installer)
3. Sample Application and Demo Database
4. Smart Installers for Linux, Windows, and Mac

DataStax Community 2.0.9 Installation Guides

Centos 5.x, 6.x Tarball

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.x, 6.x (32/64-bit) Tarball or RPM Using Yum

Debian 6.x (32/64-bit) Tarball or DEB using apt-get

Ubuntu 10.x, 11.x, 12.x Tarball or DEB using apt-get

Mac OSX 10.x (32/64-bit) Tarball

Windows (Choose Platform ‘Windows’) MSI Installer

DataStax Community 2.x on Amazon EC2

DataStax Community 2.x with 1-Button Deploy on GoGrid

*Recommended Settings for v2.x Production Installations

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