Apache Cassandra Training Resources

DataStax Academy: Free Self-Paced Virtual Training for Apache Cassandra

This virtual training curriculum is a free, fast, and convenient way for developers and administrators to learn Apache Cassandra. Before you start, you should have a basic understanding of a programming language and relational database management systems; knowing Java or NoSQL is not a pre-requisite. Participants will gain a solid understanding of the fundamental concepts to begin using Apache Cassandra. All done at your own pace, you will learn how to confidently integrate your applications with the Apache Cassandra database and more.

Apache Cassandra Courses Include:
DS101: Introduction to Apache Cassandra
DS201: Cassandra Core Concepts
DS210: Operations and Performance Tuning
DS220: Data Modeling

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Edureka! Online Apache Cassandra Training

The Apache Cassandra course at Edureka starts with the fundamental concepts of using a highly-scalable, column-oriented database to implement appropriate use cases. It will cover topics like Cassandra Datamodels,Cassandra Architecture, Differences between RDBMS and Cassandra to name a few. There will be many challenging, practical and focused hands-on exercises for the learners during this course.


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SimpliLearn Self-Paced Online Apache Cassandra Training

The Apache CassandraTM training course offered by Simplilearn provides an overview of the following:
  • Fundamentals of big data and NoSQL databases
  • Cassandra and its features
  • Architecture and data model of Cassandra
  • Installation, configuration, and monitoring of Cassandra
  • Hadoop ecosystem of products around Cassandra
The Apache CassandraTM course offered by Simplilearn includes both online and classroom training. The courseware also includes demos for better understanding of the key concepts.

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