Introduction to NoSQL Apache Cassandra Training by DataStax

Through uniquely designed training programs, DataStax commits to helping individuals and organizations acquire the knowledge and skills it takes to gain maximum value from Apache Cassandra in both physical and virtual environments. DataStax offers an array of both global in-person training, free virtual online training courses, and on-site corporate training for developers, system architects, and administrators.


Free Online Virtual Training

DataStax Academy: Free Virtual Training for Apache Cassandra

The virtual training curriculum is a free, fast and convenient way for Java developers to learn Apache Cassandra. Before you start, you should have a basic understanding of programming language and relational database management systems, but knowing Java or NoSQL is not a pre-requisite. Attendees will gain a solid understanding of the fundamental concepts to begin using Cassandra. All done at your own pace, you can also earn certification so you can confidently integrate your applications with your Apache Cassandra Database and more.

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In-Person Global Apache Cassandra Training

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Apache Cassandra: Core Concepts, Skills and Tools

Course Duration: 3 Days This course teaches the fundamentals of Cassandra 2.0 architecture, installation, configuration, data modeling, administration, and tooling. It serves as the foundation for other DataStax training courses.

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DataStax Enterprise Search Using Apache Solr

Course Duration: 2 Days This course teaches the essentials of implementing search functionality using Apache Solr, how to configure it within DataStax Enterprise (DSE), and how to troubleshoot and solve common problems.

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Apache Cassandra: Building Scalable Java Applications

Course Duration: 3 Days This course provides a technical introduction to all the conceptual and practical areas needed to use Apache Cassandra 2.0 for building scalable Java applications.

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Apache Cassandra: Operations and Performance Tuning

Course Duration: 3 Days This course teaches the specific configuration, operational, and performance tuning skills needed to administer an Apache Cassandra cluster.

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Apache Cassandra: Data Modeling

Course Duration: 2 Days This course teaches conceptual, logical, and physical data modeling for Apache Cassandra. It covers intermediate and advanced, state-of-the-art data modeling methodologies, schema design optimizations, and indexing techniques.

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Private On-Site Training Sessions

Private, on-site training is available in addition to our public in-person training events. To learn more, or if you would like to arrange an on-site training session for your team, please contact DataStax directly