Cassandra Community Collaboration Freebies

The free products, services and resources available here are thanks to our community collaborators.  Collaborators feel strongly about contributing to the Apache Cassandra community, by providing users with unique and useful offerings at no cost.

If you or your company are interested in participating in our collaborator program and supporting the Cassandra community, reach out to with a brief description of how your offering creates awareness, growth, and strength in the Apache Cassandra community; we’ll reach back out as soon as possible with more information about joining.

DataStax Offerings
Monitoring Solutions
Cloud Deployment

DataStax Offerings

DataStax Enterprise Startup Program

DataStax knows what it’s like to be a start up. You never have enough time or money, and you are laser focused on your business. This is why we are offering DataStax Enterprise free of use for eligible startups. Visit the DataStax Startup Program page for more details.

Free Cassandra Training for Java Developers

This virtual training is a free, fast and convenient way for Java developers to learn Apache Cassandra. Before you start, you should have a basic understanding of programming language and relational database management systems, but you do not need to know Java or NoSQL. Visit the Apache Cassandra Virtual Training landing page to register and learn more.

Free Migration Assessment Program

If you are currently running Cassandra and want to understand what it takes to migrate to DataStax Enterprise in order to take advantage of 24×7 technical support and the latest features and functions that DataStax offers, this is the program for you!  DataStax is currently offering a free migration assessment to help you understand the steps required to complete a migration along with a review of effort & potential risks.  Please visit the DataStax website for more details.


Monitoring Solutions

Cassandra Monitoring Plugin for Pandora FMS

You manage with Cassandra tons of data, so probably you are concerned about possible issues. The monitoring is the solution, and Pandora FMS is the properly tool to monitor Cassandra.  With the Cassandra monitoring plugin, is possible watch a lot of parameters of Cassandra and warn to you when something goes wrong.  It retrieves data as: CPU or Memory usage by Cassandra process, network connections, pending tasks in different Cassandra’s pools, etc.

SPM Performance Monitoring, Alerting and Anomaly Detection

SPM Performance Monitoring, Alerting and Anomaly Detection from Sematext gives you the ability to monitor all Cassandra metrics, as well as a number of OS and JVM metrics. It supports custom dashboards, subscription emails, chart embedding, filtering by server, node, etc. In addition to monitoring Cassandra, SPM can monitor Solr, Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, Storm, Elasticsearch, ZooKeeper, Java webapps and generic Java applications, and a number of other types of applications, as well as custom metrics.  The Basic of SPM edition is free.  Standard, Pro and ProSilver edition pricing varies depending on data retention, number of servers being monitored and other factors.


Cloud Deployment

Free Trial: GoGrid’s 1-Button Cloud Deployment for Apache Cassandra

Want to avoid the difficulty of deploying Cassandra?  Leverage a 14-day free trial of GoGrid’s 1-Button Deploy™ of Cassandra on a purpose-built Big Data cloud.  With the push of a button, get a fully deployed and networked 3 Large SSD server cluster of Cassandra in a matter of minutes.  Simply click here to get started today!