July 11th, 2014

Recently, two members of the ZoneFox development team, Darren Hart and Adam Masters, presented to a Cassandra meetup hosted by Datastax.  They spoke about how we at ZoneFox are utilising the enormous potential of Apache Cassandra.

The talk was geared towards explaining why we chose a distributed database such as Cassandra, the technologies that we had come from and where Cassandra has allowed us to push the application. During the session we also spoke about the mistakes that we initially made with the new technology and shared some of our lessons learned and best practices with others who may find themselves in the same position we were in 12 months ago.

We looked into how we structure our data and how we use Cassandra to its fullest potential in combination with Hadoop, Elasticsearch, as well as our own technologies.  This combination of tools allows us to efficiently record, archive and analyze data against set rules to satisfy our clients’ needs for a robust cyber-security product.

We also discussed some of the new features that are expected in the next round of Cassandra upgrades and how we plan to use them to provide cutting edge solutions for our clients.

It was a great event, we really appreciated the questions and feedback from the attendees and are looking forward to the next Cassandra in Practice MeetUp!

ZoneFox Presents at Apache Cassandra Meetup was originally posted on the ZoneFox Blog