April 16th, 2014

Cassandra Migration Yields Insane Performance Improvements” was created by Robert Thanh Parker, CEO and Founder at Rekko.


Wanted to let you guys know that I posted the message on our FB page. It’s amazing stuff and something the team has worked incredibly hard on both refactoring our code and architecting and optimizing our infrastructure over Cassandra. More importantly, this update solves two remaining issues:

(1) From time to time, we’d see spikes in load time, while unusual,  resulted from a key update lock in Mongo. The new infrastructure removes this 100% and performance should be and is completely smooth since the update. Average server response times are less than 5ms for our most complex campaign delivery requests. Previously they were at closer to 50ms with spikes that were much higher.

(2) Data manageability. We collect inordinate amounts of data (much more than most Analytics providers), complicating the management of visitors while we scale. This makes performance an ongoing challenge. The new infrastructure largely solves this, but more importantly, at a cost structure that will continue to allow us to deliver increasingly more sophisticated technology at lower costs. A key tenant of our long-term vision of bringing our technology to every online piece of real-estate in the world. Big step there.


Here’s the quick post:

New Update: New Rekko Big Data Engine updated. Core services go live and we’re 10x faster overnight!

Speed. Speed. Speed.
We were fast before, but now we’ve concluded a major infrastructure refactoring. Our vision is to make accessible and automate big data personalization for small and medium sized businesses. This is a huge and crucial update towards our goal.

Lowering the Cost/Customer
Driving down the cost of providing enterprise level technology and services such that SMBs can EASILY leverage them is the most essential step in taking this technology mainstream. The first HD plasma TV I saw cost $29,999. The one I just bought cost significantly less. Our first Rekko customers paid $42k/month, our new ones pay a world less.

The Migration.
After a period of running Cassandra DB simultaneously with Mongo DB, the team completed the majority of our migration last night – we’re now completely live on Cassandra. While there are some small portions of infrastructure that will continue to use Mongo, almost everything material is now migrated.

The Results.
To summarize, the slowest of response times on Cassandra (for real-time profiling and campaign delivery) average more than 10x better than fastest we had utilizing the Mongo DB code and infrastructure. We’re now able to intelligently deliver dynamic, tailored content to the a visitor’s browser in less than 1/200th of a second. Consistently, and without spikes.

This is our last infrastructure step prior to rolling out…


Some days, we just smile because we know the hard work pushed us three steps forward. Today is one of those days…

Founder, Rekko

If you’re interested in learning more about migrating from MongoDB to Apache Cassandra, visit the MongoDB to Cassandra Migration page for resources and how-to’s.