May 16th, 2014

Cassandra Day New York 2014 is a free all-day meetup event hosted on Saturday June 21st in Manhattan, NY at The New York Times.  Cassandra Day is dedicated to bringing both beginner and expert Cassandra users together to learn more about our favorite open source NoSQL database.  RSVP today, as space is limited to a total of 150 attendees.

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Attend Cassandra Day New York to:
• Learn about how to get started with Cassandra, model your data, optimize your cluster, advanced technical tutorials and use cases
• Hear from local Cassandra users and DataStax engineers, with sessions for both beginners and experts
• Discover new features available in the most recent version of Apache Cassandra
• Network in our expo hall during lunch and breaks

Beginner Track
The beginner track features hands on training from our evangelist team that will take you from zero to hero with Cassandra and give you the tools necessary to get you on the road towards becoming a Cassandra pro.

Advanced Track
The advance track will highlight real world use cases and in depth Cassandra content from companies like The New York Times, Health Market Science, DataStax, and more.

(Session schedule TBA)

Speaking & Sponsorships
Speaking slots and sponsorship opportunities are still availble for Cassandra Day New York 2014. Please email with your Name, Company, & Topics of Interest; we will reach back out to you shortly with more information.

Did you miss Cassandra Day Silicon Valley 2014 at eBay?
Catch the presentations via SlideShare & YouTube from our recent Cassandra Day Silicon Valley 2014:

• How Hulu Scales Services to Support 400 Million Plays: C* , Redis, and SSD-Based Hardware by Matt Jurik (Slides & Video)

• Beyond Read-Modify-Write by Al Tobey (Slides & Video)

• Implementing the Kiji Data Model to Build Real-Time, Big Data Apps on Cassandra by Clint Kelly (Slides & Video)

• Netflix’s Astyanax Java Client Driver  by Puneet Oberai, Senior Software Engineer at Netflix (Slides & Video)

• Apache Cassandra at Equinix for High Performance, Scalability and Short Response Time by Praveen Kumar (Slides)

• Using Distributed Session Clusters to Support Millions of Concurrent Sessions with Apache Cassandra and Shiro by Les Hazlewood (Slides & Video)

• Running Real-Time Queries with Spark and Shark on Top of Cassandra Data by Evan Chan (Slides & Video)

• Operations Can’t Fix a Bad Data Model – A Tech Talk about Ops and Cassandra by Matt Stump (Slides & Video)

• Netflix’s Distributed Computing Strategies: Optimistic Design for the Eventual Consistency Model by Christos Kalantzis (Slides & Video)