March 11th, 2016

Welcome to the another week of This Week in Cassandra!  Cassandra is a distributed database offering linear scalability and high availability.  In this post we’ll take a look at projects, blogs, events, jobs and JIRAs that are new to the Cassandra community.  We’ll be discussing this post with two very special guests, Apache Cassandra Committers Aaron Morton of The Last Pickle and Tyler Hobbs of DataStax. We have also added the ability to download the audio from the video! You can download the audio from SoundCloud here.


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Analytics and Big Data Congress

June 21st

CFP Deadline: Open

PyData London 2016

May 6th

CFP Deadline: 7th March

PyData Berlin 2016

May 20th-21st

CFP Deadline: 8th March

JavaCro’ 2016

May 18th

CFP Deadline: 23rd March

Voxxed Days Dubai

May 28th

CFP Deadline: 30th March

Voxxed Days Luxembourg

June 22nd

CFP Deadline: 10th April


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