February 26th, 2016

Welcome to the another week of This Week in Cassandra!  Cassandra is a distributed database offering linear scalability and high availability.  In this post we’ll take a look at projects, blogs, events, jobs and JIRAs that are new to the Cassandra community.  We’ll be discussing this post with our guest and co-author of Practical Cassandra Eric Lubow.


News and Blog Posts

Blog Posts & Projects:


Upcoming events:


Interesting Job Opportunities:


JIRA Updates:

  • Allow custom tracing implementation (CASSANDRA-10392)
  • Add support for Group By to Select statement (CASSANDRA-10707)
  • Replace sstable2json (sstabledump) (CASSANDRA-7464)


Call for Papers:

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Analytics and Big Data Congress

June 21st

CFP Deadline: Open

PyData Madrid 2016

April 8th

CFP Deadline: 21st February

PyData London 2016
May 6th

CFP Deadline: 29th February


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