June 13th, 2013

If you were a speaker or attendee at #Cassandra13, we’d like to say a huge thank you. Without you there would have been no event.


In the coming weeks (as quickly as we can) we will be posting the videos of the sessions to this site, along with the slides. There were so many sessions full of fantastic content we want to make all of it available to the community.


We’d love to hear from you on what your favorite moments of #Cassandra13 were and how we can make it better in the future, so please take a moment to fill out the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/KBBG2WL


I have been doing community development with different database groups for a long time, so I can say with a high degree of confidence that this community is special. There is passion for the technology, but also an incredible willingness to share, to teach, and to learn. I heard countless stories from you of how you had got questions answered, held impromptu training sessions, got together over beers and chatted, how new friendships were formed and old ones rekindled. One chap told me that he hadn’t seen someone in many years, but they caught up at the summit, both wanting to learn about Cassandra. Those are the types of benefits that only a physical event can bring.


Here are a few of Planet Cassandra’s highlights

  • Jonathan’s keynote: several people commented to me how impressed they were that it was chock full of deep content and no fluff (I am assuming they didn’t know Jonathan before the event J)
  • Oracle didn’t get the memo evidently. Why on earth did they keep sailing that boat back and forth in front of Fort Mason? Some people said they are practicing for the America’s Cup race, but surely just trying to get in on where the coolest action was at? 

  • The Next Great Data Developer Finale – the contestants did a great job and were so appreciative of all the support they got. They really feel they are part of the community now.
  • Executive quarantine – loved that Billy Bosworth promised to keep the suits in their own area with their own content. He was true to his word.
  • Complaints – might be a weird one to highlight, but the most consistent complaint was that the breakout rooms couldn’t hold enough people. We’ll bear that in mind for future planning for sure, but that is proof positive that the content is amazing and the demand is huge.
  • First time speakers – I don’t want to name names, but this was a stage on which many first time speakers performed. That’s so cool, and they are going to be the rockstar speakers of the future.


If you were a speaker at #Cassandra13 and would like to present to the community please contact Christian, Brady or Patrick via speaking@datastax.com. We’d love to help get your presentations seen by an even wider crowd.