April 2nd, 2013

This is a quick update for the DataStax/Cassandra Next Great Data Developer Scholarship/Internship program!


Ten undergraduate/graduate students have enrolled in the Next Great Data Developer program to learn Apache Cassandra and implement this NoSQL technology into a uniquely built application.  Found below is a breakdown of our universities, contestants and their app ideas.


Although app ideas are only present for four of our entrants, all of the students are hard at work researching Apache Cassandra, formulating app ideas and, of course, finishing up with midterms!  We are thrilled to see the outcome of these projects and will keep everyone up-to-date when further developments on each project become available.


Victoria Mo

Columbia University

Github http://www.github.com/vickimo

Blog http://nurserystax.tumblr.com/

In this blog, I will post some of the development nitty gritty of the product that I am building – let’s call it NurseryStax for now. What I want to make is a simpler way for nurseries to collect, share, and manage toddler data with the parents. Currently, nurseries use a hodgepodge of ways to collect data about the kids’ behavior and activities; parents are always demanding more information, and NurseryStax would make it easy for nurseries to get it to them :).


Yaun Wang

San Francisco State University

Github http://www.github.com/PinkDatura

Blog http://pinkdatura.blogspot.com

SmartGift is an online android/ios application that allows people create events (like birthday, anniversary), generate wish list and invite friends to contribute. It guarantees saving people’s time and targeting at people’s most desirable gift. At its core, it combines person’s true heart-desired gift with his friends’ collective intelligence and budget. Inspired by wedding registry and Kickstarter, SmartGift is a unique service that offloads the time-consuming and random-goal gift picking efforts and transforms it into an interactive and constructive process for both recipients and givers.


Shehaaz Saif

McGill University

Github https://github.com/shehaaz/AndroidCassandra/wiki

Blog http://www.shehaaz.com/

Youtube Channel http://www.youtube.com/shehaaz

An app which lets users post bargains or sales from stores.


Posting a Deal

If the user finds a deal he/she posts it in the app with a where, what and how much. (Depending on the user’s location, a short list of stores would automatically show up for selection). The user is also encouraged to post a picture of the item or the price tag. Every post is location tagged for later retrieval; other users can rate, comment and flag the posts.


Finding a Deal

When the user wants to find a deal, depending on the user’s location, a stream of items from near-by stores would be displayed in their newsfeed. 


Lyuben Todorov

University of Dundee (UK)

Github http://www.github.com/lyubent

Blog http://lyubent.jekyllhub.com/

CassTor is a secure replacement for email, using a Cassandra database instead of a mail server it locks down communication between the server and client and alters the communication channel by connecting to a TOR proxy so that data exchange is anonymous, and with use of encryption and altered port usage the system is also obfuscated and secure.


Delgersuren Bold

San Francisco State University

Github http://www.github.com/del42

Blog http://datastax2013developer.wordpress.com/


Sonal Dubey

San Francisco State University

Github http://www.github.com/sdubey


Kai Cheng

New York University

Blog http://kai231nyc.wordpress.com/

GitHub  https://github.com/kai231nyc

YouTube Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/kai231nyc


Salil Navgire

New York University

Github http://www.github.com/salilnavgire


Edward Wang

University of California, San Diego

Blog N/A