September 8th, 2014

Hi Cassandra Rebels! A follow up message to my post on Sept 2nd – “Follow the #ClusterBus to the 5th Annual Cassandra Summit!”  The #ClusterBus took SoCal by storm today on its way to the #CassandraSummit in San Francisco!


I write from the 1/2 way point along the beautiful and raw California Central Coast – Pismo Beach, CA.  Today I logged over 250 Miles in my 1982 Volkswagen Pop-Top Camper Van and now I have set up in a beachside campground.

Figure the day I set out for my adventure we get one of the first California rains in months – maybe I need to keep driving the #ClusterBus around to help this drought! Of course I was stressing that the soccer mom washable window paint that I got from the dollar store saying things like “#CassandraSummit or Bust” was going to run or wash off the windows – I was lucky it held up.

I enjoyed plenty of adventure along the way.  There was just as many blank stairs wondering “what’s a #ClusterBus, what’s #CassandraSummit” as smiles, honks, and waves.   At one of my first enterprise customer stops security was quick to swarm the #ClusterBus, but we made friends quickly when I offered up a DataStax Mug.  In Hollywood, people were wondering what I was doing on Chuck Norris’s Walk of Fame Star – “just deploying a quasi 5 Node Cassandra Cluster of course – that helps him kick more ass” I said.  On the open road the #ClusterBus maxed out around 75MPH on the steepest downhill stretch I encountered.  While going uphill, it performed like your uncle’s old relational database in the server closet.

securitychuck small

The best part of the day – visiting 5 awesome companies and surprising them with DataStax Swag!  It felt like Santa delivering an early Christmas – folks love free T-Shirts right?  Even more – I know soon I will be hanging with DataStax colleagues, customers, partners and Cassandra Rebels from around the World!

Final bonus – when I landed tonight on the Central Coast, I was greeted with this tweet from Charles L’Abri highlighting a #ClusterBus spotting:

@scottherson enjoy my hometown, just saw the bus! May noSQL be your guide. Sorry we’ve got no waves right now.

Well shutting down the mobile #ClusterBus office and accommodations for the night.  Until tomorrow and leg two to the #Cassandra Summit! See you in San Francisco!