Riptide IO Leverages the “Indestructible” Apache Cassandra; Helping Walgreens and Ulta take Advantage of Real Time Sensor Data

June 17, 2014




Riptide IO

 “We were also really impressed with the fact that no matter how hard we tried, we couldn’t break Cassandra…

it was just indestructible.”

-David Leimbrock, Co-Founder and CTO at Riptide IO

David Leimbrock

David Leimbrock Co-Founder and CTO at Riptide IO



Riptide IO

Riptide IO is in the business of managing intelligent machines, which we define as “machines Read More..

Rackspace’s MyCloud Makes Sure Your Cloud Management is Available When You Need it Most; Migrates to Cassandra for No Single Point of Failure

June 11, 2014




HQ: San Antonio, TX

Cassandra powers Rackspace’s MyCloud, a control panel for managing cloud deployments, to provide Rackspace’s customers a highly available, real-time front-end; making use of Cassandra’s multi-datacenter replication, distributing a 15 node cluster across 3 regions.

Cassandra Version: 2.0.7

Datacenters: 3

Nodes: 15


Key Points

Wha Read More..

Social Platform Viafoura Keeps the Conversation, and Monetization, Going with the High Availability of Apache Cassandra

June 9, 2014





We no longer have to worry about availability or partition tolerance and with eventual consistency, we know that our data will be replicated faster than we will need it.”

-Victor Anjos, Engineering Manager & Data Scientist at Viafoura

Victor Anjos

 Victor Anjos Engineering Manager & Data Scientist at Viafoura





Viafoura is a socia Read More..

Bazaarvoice Chooses Cassandra over MySQL, HBase and MongoDB to Power Content Analytics Platform

June 20, 2013





“We started out by using MySQL in the classic master/slave horizontal scale out way. We found it just impossible to scale and grow write capacity with MySQL.”

-Shawn Smith, Software Engineer at Bazaarvoice

Shawn Smith Software Engineer at Bazaarvoice

Bazaarvoice collects user generated content that deal with reviews, questions/an Read More..


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