Rackspace’s MyCloud Makes Sure Your Cloud Management is Available When You Need it Most; Migrates to Cassandra for No Single Point of Failure

June 11, 2014




HQ: San Antonio, TX

Cassandra powers Rackspace’s MyCloud, a control panel for managing cloud deployments, to provide Rackspace’s customers a highly available, real-time front-end; making use of Cassandra’s multi-datacenter replication, distributing a 15 node cluster across 3 regions.

Cassandra Version: 2.0.7

Datacenters: 3

Nodes: 15


Key Points

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Chicago, IL Meetup 5/22 SlideShare: Apache Cassandra at BrightTag for a Multi-Region Deployment

June 5, 2014


gI_118339_BrightTag Logo

Apache Cassandra at BrightTag for a Multi-Region Deployment

At BrightTag, our patented Fuse™ platform is powered by a Cassandra cluster that’s distributed across four AWS regions. Since BrightTag requires data to always be available from anywhere in the world, the method we created for storing profiles was a deceptively complex challenge. To make our vision a reality, we use a multi-region Cassandra deplo Read More..

IaaS Provider iland chooses Cassandra over MongoDB for a Native Distributed Architecture and Constant Time Writes

June 3, 2014








“iland chose Apache Cassandra over MongoDB because Cassandra provides constant time writes no matter how big the data set grows and for its distributed nature as well as its “massive” scalability, reliability, performance, availability, consistency and simplicity.”

-Julien Anguenot, ‎Director of Software Engineering at ila

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