Cassandra architecture and performance, mid 2014

June 16, 2014


The impending release of Cassandra 2.1 is a good time to look at how Cassandra is doing against the distributed NoSQL competition. This is an update of my summary of the top distributed NoSQL databases from January 2013.


Single node performance (ops/s) of the most popular NoSQL databases1



Cassandra incorporates a number of architectural best practices that affect performance. None Read More..

IaaS Provider iland chooses Cassandra over MongoDB for a Native Distributed Architecture and Constant Time Writes

June 3, 2014








“iland chose Apache Cassandra over MongoDB because Cassandra provides constant time writes no matter how big the data set grows and for its distributed nature as well as its “massive” scalability, reliability, performance, availability, consistency and simplicity.”

-Julien Anguenot, ‎Director of Software Engineering at ila

Read More..


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