Multimedia messaging app Cubie is ready to grow, worry free, with Apache Cassandra

August 27, 2014

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Social Platform Viafoura Keeps the Conversation, and Monetization, Going with the High Availability of Apache Cassandra

June 9, 2014





We no longer have to worry about availability or partition tolerance and with eventual consistency, we know that our data will be replicated faster than we will need it.”

-Victor Anjos, Engineering Manager & Data Scientist at Viafoura

Victor Anjos

 Victor Anjos Engineering Manager & Data Scientist at Viafoura





Viafoura is a socia Read More..

When Breaking News Hits, The New York Times Delivers with Apache Cassandra

April 8, 2014



New York Times

“Simplicity has helped us make nyt⨍aбrik global, reliable, fast, and efficient. It scales up and down on a minute’s notice to meet demand.”

– Michael Laing, Systems Architect at The New York Times

Michael Laing Systems Architect at The New York Times


The New York Times

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