February 1st, 2013


PagerDuty, a startup based out of San Francisco, looks to improve how IT admins keep track of and are alterted about network, application and server related issues, from a single dashboard.  A major value added for PagerDuty is their use of Cassandra for a reliable, distributed architecutre; their infrasture is fully replicated across multiple datacenters, allowing for fast failover when problems arise.  The use of Cassandra assists in reaching their ultimate goal of “being able to survive the total loss of a data center without any interruption or delay whatsoever to alert deliveries.”


PagerDuty just recently received $10.7 million in new funding, after previously raising a round of $1.9 Million and has attracted many big-name customers such as Splunk, Scout, Pingdom, and Zenoss.


Read the full article from Datamation here: http://www.datamation.com/networks/pagerduty-gets-millions-for-it-monitoring.html