December 30th, 2013



Ronny Li: Business Intelligence Analyst at Wajam


What does Wajam do and what is your role there?

Wajam is a social search engine that lets users get recommendations from content shared on social networking platforms. Our main product is a browser extension that augments the results delivered by major search engines by providing relevant information from the users’ social networks.


I work at Wajam as a Business Intelligence Analyst. My role is to define the metrics, and provide the reports, necessary to make sure we are meeting our business objectives.


How are you using Apache Cassandra?

We are running Cassandra  0.8 to store the information that supports our recommendation engine.  Things like Facebook statuses, links, photos, Twitter Tweets, etc.


What was the motivation for using Cassandra and what other technologies was it evaluated against?

We were looking for a redundant, scalable database with fast writes. We compared it against MongoDB, HBase and MySQL, which we were using at the time.


Can you share some insight on what your deployment looks like?  

We have one data center that holds over 300TB of data across 100 nodes.  The nodes are dual-core CPUs with 32GB of RAM each


What’s your experience with the Apache Cassandra community?

Great! We once had a bug with data corruption when we updated to 0.7 and DataStax CEO Jonathan Ellis worked with us through the night, sending us patches until the bug was fixed.