June 19th, 2013

As the official media sponsor for DataStax’s Cassandra Summit 2013, Planet Cassandra would like to give a huge thank you to the 60+ presenters who participated in this great event and the 1,200 Cassandra rebels who came out to learn more about Cassandra and network with other members of the great Apache Cassandra community; the success of Cassandra Summit 2013 was made possible due to the sharing of knowledge by everyone in this great community.

If you’re interested in sharing an Apache Cassandra use case with your local community, be sure to check out our meetups page to find a local Cassandra meetup group near you and contact your local organizer for more information about presenting!

Found below is the list of Cassandra Summit 2013 speaker sessions with their accompanying SlideShare presentations; video recordings of each presentaiton will soon be available on the Planet Cassandra YouTube Channel by July 1st.

Thank you and enjoy!

Day 1 — Festival Pavilion

Keynote — Jonathan Ellis, DataStax (Slides)

Netflix Open Source Tools and Benchmarks for Cassandra by Adrian Cockcroft, Netflix (Slides)

Big Data Analytics – Realize the Investment from Your Big Data Clusters by Mark Davis, Dell (Slides)

Suicide Risk Prediction Using Social Media and Cassandra by Ken Krugler, Scale Unlimited (Slides)

Cassandra and the Titan Graph Database by Matthias Broecheler, Aurelius (Slides)

Processing an Avalanche of Medical Records by Terrell Deppe, HealthCare Anytime (Slides)

Real World, Real-Time Data Modeling by Tim Moreton, Acunu (Slides)

Day 2 — Festival Pavilion

Hindsight is 20/20. MySQL to Cassandra by Michael Kjellman, Barracuda Networks (Slides)

The Next Top Data Model by Patrick McFadin, DataStax (Slides)

Splunk + Cassandra = New Value to Business by Eddie Satterly, Splunk (Slides)

In Case of Emergency Break Glass by Aaron Morton, Apache Cassandra Committer (Slides)

Cassandra at eBay Scale by Feng Qu and Anurag Jambhekar, eBay (Slides)

Day 1 — Golden Gate

Big Architectures for Big Data by Eric Lubow, SimpleReach (Slides)

Eventual Consistency != Hopeful Consistency by Christos Kalantzis, Netflix (Slides)

Lock it Up: Securing Sensitive Data by Sam Heywood, Gazzang (Slides)

Data Modelers Still Have Jobs: Adjusting For the NoSQL Environment by Joe Maguire, Analyst/Author (Slides)

When Bad Things Happen to Good Data: A Deep Dive Into How Cassandra Resolves Inconsistent Data by Jason Brown, Netflix (Slides)

Day 2 — Golden Gate

No moving parts. Taking advantage of Pure Speed by Matt Kennedy, Fusion I/O (Slides)

Remember me! Session Clustering with Cassandra by Les Hazlewood, StormPath (Slides)

Buy It Now! Cassandra at eBay by Jay Patel, eBay (Slides)

Large Scale Data Ingestion, Processing and Analysis: Then, Now & Future by Ameet Chaubal and Fausto Inestroza, Accenture (Slides)

Cassandra Internals by Aaron Morton, Apache Cassandra Committer (Slides)

Time is Money by Jake Luciani and Carl Yeksigian, BlueMountain Capital (Slides)

Cassandra Message Bus: An Open Message Bus for the Cloud by Boris Wolf, Comcast (Slides)

Comparing Architectures: Cassandra vs the Field by Sameer Farooqui (Slides)

Day 1 — Fleet Room

The Perils and Triumphs of Using Cassandra at a .NET Shop by Jeff Smoley and Derek Bromenshenkel, NativeX (formerly W3i) (Slides)

Real-time Analytics using Cassandra, Spark and Shark by Evan Chan, Ooyala (Slides)

Optimizing the Public Cloud for Cost and Scalability with Cassandra – The MetricsHub Story by Charles Lamanna and Ricardo Villalobos, Microsoft (Slides)

Virtual Nodes: Rethinking Topology in Cassandra by Eric Evans, OpenNMS (Slides)

Dude, Where’s My Tweet? Taming the Twitter Firehose by Andrew Noonan, Gnip (Slides)

Day 2 — Fleet Room

No Whistling Required: Cabs, Cassandra, and Hailo by Dave Gardner, Hailo (Slides)

Practice Makes Perfect: Extreme Cassandra Optimization by Al Tobey, Ooyala (Slides)

Searching for a Needle in a Big Data Haystack by Jason Rutherglen, DataStax (Slides)

Data as Competitive Advantage in Manufacturing by Rich Hammel, Brocade and Vivek Ganesan, Impetus Technologies  (Slides Coming Soon)

Real-time Big Data with Storm, Cassandra, and In-Memory Computing by DeWayne Filppi, GigaSpaces (Slides)

Stepping Through the Lifecycle of a Service Offering with Cassandra by Chris McEniry and Igor von Nyssen, Sony Network Entertainment (Slides)

Cassandra at Instagram by Rick Branson, Instagram (Slides)

How Not to Use Cassandra by Axel Lijencrantz, Spotify (Slides)

Day 1 — Marina Room

(Re)-Building the Social Grid for Global Telcos @ 1/10th the Market Cost with Cassandra by Darshan Rawal, Openwave Messaging (Slides)

Time-Series Metrics with Cassandra by Mike Heffner, Librato (Slides)

High Throughput Analysis by Aaron Stannard, Marked Up (Slides)

Hardware Agnostic: Cassandra on Raspberry Pi by Andy Cobley, University of Dundee (Slides)

Taking Bytes from Cassandra Clients by Lewis John McGibbney and Renato Javier, Stanford (Slides)

Day 2 — Marina Room

Large Queries in Real-Time for Enterprise by Matt Stump, KISSMetrics (Slides)

Cassandra on Cloud Foundry by Renat Khasanshyn, Altoros and Cornelia Davis, Pivotal (Slides)

Adaptive Data Convergence for Life Sciences by Manish Sood, Reltio (Slides)

Data Driven Retail by David Leimbrock, Riptide IO (Slides)

Can’t we all just get along? MariaDB and Cassandra by Colin Charles, Monty Program Ab (Slides)

Aligning Technology Infrastructure With Horizontal Business Growth by Stefan Piesche, Chief Technology Officer at Constant Contact (Slides)

The State of CQL by Sylvain Lebresne, DataStax (Slides)

Java and .NET Client Drivers by Michael Figuiere and Patrick McFadin, DataStax (Slides)

Day 1 — Firehouse

Crossing the Chasm: SQL to NoSQL by Isaac Rieksts, Health Market Science (Slides)

Ground Traffic Control – Logistics with Cassandra by Jesse Young, Zonar Systems (Slides)

Time for a New Relationship: Intuit’s Journey from RDBMS to Cassandra by Mohit Anchlia, Intuit (Slides)