November 14th, 2013





Cassandra community member, and Sky’s Database Consultant, Paul Makkar talks to ComputerWorld UK about Sky’s migration from Oracle to Apache Cassandra to support it’s online shopping services.  


Sky had made the switch to Apache Cassandra because, in 2011 as traffic started to peak, it found that users were experiencing disruptions in their shopping cart experience, including items disapearing before check-out time.


Sky had originally used Ehcache, an open source technology which cached shopping basket pruchases server-side. Ehcache did not suit Sky’s needs, at which point they switched to Oracle as they were familiar working with the relational system on other projects. Paul Makkar told ComputerWorld UK: “Actually that worked for a while, but when under load we were seeing issues and errors. So rather than trying to work through the issues with Oracle and fix the bugs, we decided to go with Cassandra,”


With Sky’s implentation of Cassandra, they established their move away from relational database systems. Sky created an assessment of alternative data storing technologies comparable to Cassandra, with Cassandra coming out on top due to built-in disaster recovery.


To read more about Sky’s migration from Oracle to Cassandra, check out the full article “Sky Swaps Oracle for Cassandra to Reduce Online Shopping Errors” in ComputerWorld UK by Derek du Preez